5 Tips for Making Your Website’s Domain Name Stand Out – Our Guide

A website won’t ever be complete without a domain name. A domain name is the combination of letters and numbers with extensions that give users access to your website. This means that when users want to visit your site, they have to type in your domain name in the address field. 

Coming up with the right domain name can actually be tricky to do. While there are no hard-and-fast rules when creating your domain name, there are a few suggestions you have to consider to make it stand out. That said, here are five tips on how to take your domain name to the spotlight. Read what we’ve written below to see if you need to hire a domain registration in NYC.

1. Go for a word combination that’s easy to remember

Domain names are created for a reason, and that is to provide a solution to humans’ limited memory. Instead of encoding various codes to have access to a site, you can simply type in the domain name, and you’ll be directed to the right web page. For this reason, it doesn’t make sense to choose or create a domain name that’s hard to remember. Not only will you have a hard time accessing your own site, but you will also confuse the users trying to visit your site.

2. Choose a brandable domain name

Branding is vital to any given business, and this applies to choosing a domain name as well. As much as possible, you have to opt for a brandable domain name, such that it already promotes your business. The moment your target customers have access to your website, the domain name itself already conveys a message. It gives them the idea as to what kind of business you own or run.

3. Include keywords if applicable

Keywords may not be a requirement for a domain name registration. However, it’s best to include keywords on your domain name whenever possible. Why? Statistics show that 63 percent of top-performing domains have keywords in their URL. They provide a boost to your website’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranking. But if it’s hard to incorporate relevant keywords on your domain name, then better not force it at all.

4. Opt for the right extension.

The extension is an integral part of a domain name. For the most part, the great top-level .com is the king for domain extension. It has always been recommended for a website’s domain to promote memorability and boost SEO. However, there are other extensions that you can use, and as long as you use them appropriately, then you shouldn’t have any problems with your website. 

5. Ensure your address is mobile-friendly.

Did you know that mobile devices drive half of the traffic on the internet? For this reason, it’s best to create or choose a mobile-friendly address. Examples of mobile-friendly domain names are Google and Bing. Both are short, simple, and everyone knows how to spell them. That said, make your domain as memorable and concise as possible.


When it all boils down to a domain name registration, you want to ensure that your domain name will take your website and business up a notch instead of bringing it down. As outlined above, your domain name should be easy to remember, brandable, and mobile-friendly. Also, it has to have keywords included (if appropriate) and it should have the right extension. All these valuable tips will make a difference in your domain name.

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