6 Sure Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Web Hosting Plan – What to Know

A lot of site owners today opt for the most basic web hosting plans. There’s nothing wrong with this. On the contrary, it’s a practical move. At some point, though, the need to upgrade your hosting plan will come, but how do you know if it’s the time? 

Slow Site

Have you noticed your website bounce rates higher than ever? Or have you noticed your site’s exit rate has significantly increased? You’ve probably run some tools to check what’s causing this and may have done a few tweaks to your content and site design, but nothing seems to work. When all of these things are done, and you’re still experiencing a slow site, there’s a huge chance that it’s your web hosting plan, screaming for an upgrade. 

Frequent Downtime

If you notice that your site has been “going down” more frequently than ever, then it’s time to revisit your hosting plan. Downtimes have a significant impact on businesses, don’t let your site fall victim to it—address it right away and save yourself from a (huge) loss of revenue. 

Security Gaps

Web hosting providers offer security, but there are times when it just can’t fight off malware and other stuff that seeps through the cracks and infect your site. Fortunately, there are also web hosting providers that offer high-quality security, such as data backups, should your site get compromised. How do you access this? You upgrade your hosting plan. 

Limited Space

Are you running out of drive space to store your site files? Then this is a strong indicator that you need to spend more on your web hosting plan. The longer you have that website running, the more space you’ll need—so you would need to expand and thrive. 

Limited Bandwidth

There are a lot of things that eat up bandwidth on your site. Today, a lot of companies build and promote web-based apps, while others have online programs in place. If you’re one of them, then you’re going to need more bandwidth data, and the only way to get it is when you upgrade your web hosting plan. 

More Expensive

There are web hosting providers that will charge extra for additional space and bandwidth. Others will even lock tools and features, and you need to pay extra to access them. That is where things become expensive. If you think about it, upgrading to a hosting plan that has similar features will be more affordable compared to these add-ons. Always stay up-to-date with your web host’s latest offerings to know which ones are worth pursuing and which aren’t. 


If you’re hesitant about upgrading your web hosting plan, just imagine how much it would cost you in the future if you don’t. Downtimes and add-ons can be more expensive than an upgrade, which makes an upgrade a better option most of the time. 

When upgrading your hosting plan, check-in with your goals for growth and take it from there. Then, you look for a reputable web host provider that will suit all of those needs. 

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