Is It Essential to Choose a Web Host With Fast Site Speed? – What to Know

A fast and reliable website speed heavily influences the perception of your visitors about your business. If you give them a service that is not satisfactory, you can expect them to find a better alternative. As such, it is crucial to choose an excellent web hosting service because it directly affects your site’s performance.

Although the speed of modern-day internet is faster than its predecessor dial-up technology, internet users adapted quickly and see “fast” as the new norm. If you want to stay relevant and competitive, you must optimize your website load speed. In doing so, consumers will find your service competitive and consider you again in their future transactions.  

Better Site Speed Equals Better Performance

Pageviews are directly proportional to site speed. When visitors enjoy a fast loading site, the chances are high that they will continue to navigate through your page. Otherwise, they will undoubtedly leave in frustration. Let’s bring in some statistics to give you a better overview of the whole picture.

If it takes more than two seconds for your site to load, you can expect to lose 47 percent of site traffic. Why? People’s attention span tends to be short, so they like websites that load instantly. When your web hosting servicecannot satisfy the users’ demands, they’ll leave and never return. 

Another interesting statistic is that almost four out of five people do not engage with an e-commerce site again when they experience terrible site speed problems. The details get more gruesome as 44 percent of those who never return to your website share their experiences with family and friends. Aside from losing a potential patron, you also get negative publicity.

For a better perspective, here’s an estimate of the amount of money you’ll lose with a slow website: A business that averages a daily revenue of $100,000, would lose up to $2 million in a single year for a mere one-second delay. That’s a lot of lost money! However, if a website manages to quicken their site speed from seven seconds to two seconds, you can expect a 25 percent increase in page views with an estimated 12 percent increase in revenue.

Better Hosting Plan and Provider Equals Better Site Speed

Your website hosting service affects your site speed in terms of its specification, including memory and bandwidth capabilities. For shared hosting plans, remember that you are sharing the resources of one server with others who are using the same service. If one of them suddenly experienced a surge in traffic, they can suck all resources into another domain, leaving scrap for others. When this happens, you will feel your site loading speed getting slower. 

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is your best solution. Take note, however, that this is still a shared hosting plan. The main difference between the generic versions is that the server is capable of separating a single server’s resources into several mini servers. The mini servers are exclusively for the use of one site so that no monopolization of services occurs.

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