Reasons Your Website Needs More Than One Domain Name

Your domain name is a great way for consumers to get to know your brand. It’s a reflection of your unique identity and can say a lot about what you have to offer. Whether you already have one or are planning to purchase one, having several domain names ensure that your audience can find your site easily online. Here are 5 reasons to consider more than one domain name. 

You’re at risk of typos

If your brand name is a little complex or contains unique words, you can expect that search engine users may sometimes misspell it. We’ve all made this mistake with brands such as Sodexo (sometimes Sodexho, with an H) or Colourpop (sometimes Colorpop, without the U). You can automatically redirect users to the correct domain by purchasing common misspellings, instead of losing a customer altogether. 

Some brand names will sound like yours

Every brand has its competitors and sometimes that means having similar brand names. If you’re one of the hundreds of web developers in New York, for one, you can bet names such as Web Dev NY and New York Web Design will be taken. If such is the case, you’re going to want to make sure customers are clicking out to your website—not your competition’s. To help your chances, consider purchasing “copycat” domain names that you can redirect to your website. 

You’ve changed your name

If you’ve been on the market for several years, chances are you’ve learned to adjust to an ever-changing market. Sometimes that means giving your website a brand-new look. Other times it means changing your brand name altogether. You can either purchase your old and new domain name or transfer your current website to a new website hosting service in order to alter your domain. 

Your brand name isn’t descriptive of your services

If people relate your brand to the products you sell or services you offer, you can consider keeping your domain name unique from your company name. Especially if your business name isn’t yet established, you can play to your distinctive qualities or location. If your brand name is Smith, for example, but people better associate you with selling budget apparel in New York, your domain name can be something like Smith Apparel NY. That way, they can find your site when on the hunt for affordable fashion and get eventually learn your brand name. 

You’re using a new TLD

Most websites will end in .com. If you’re looking up a school, it’ll likely end in .edu. Domain endings that don’t end in .com are known as top-level domains (TLDs), which refer to your specific industry. If you already have a domain name that ends with .com, consider purchasing the same domain with a different TLD. If you’re selling gadgets, purchase a TLD like .tech. This will help you stand out from competitors and highlight a specific aspect of your brand. 


With most website builders in NYC, it’s easy to forward multiple domain names to your primary site. You can even set them up to as to link out to specific pages, such as an order page, FAQ page, or your blog. 

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