3 Convincing Facts to Motivate You to Build Your Own Website – What to Know

With the rise of “Software as a Service” tools and offerings, plenty of “Create Your Website” online services have popped up recently. Even if you don’t actively search for them, you’ll notice their ads posted in every corner of the internet. There is no escaping them.

When the time comes to create a website, you should ask yourself, “Are they worth it?” Are the “create a website” online tools any good? Well, while they might be okay for some people, it shouldn’t be a solution that should be relied on entirely. We recommend you create a customized website, not one based off a template, and have it hosted by a reliable service provider to ensure its constant uptime, security, and so much more.

That said, if you need some convincing facts to motivate you to build your website, here it is:

1. It Saves you Money Down the Line

What attracts many people to opt for online tools to develop their website is affordability. To start, you don’t need much money. However, in the long run, that cost is going to seriously pile up, especially if you must change plans and expand your website. Unfortunately, you might not get the features you’ll need as well if you’re trying to grow it.

Just think of this like renting an office space in a building. Starting small, you don’t have to worry too much about space, security, and other factors. However, as you grow, you’ll need to rent more space. Unfortunately, space can’t just magically be added into the building, and you’re forced to work with what you have. 

In other words, you can’t correctly expand your business should you need to. Often, what you’re paying for are features and not the actual renting space.

2. You Own the Website

If you end up choosing these website builders to create your website, you might think that you own the site and you don’t. While you might be paying to have the website online for everyone to see, the real owner of the site is the company that offered the tool. If the company felt like they no longer want to support you, they can just simply shut it down. While that might never happen in the real world, the real question still stands: Who’s the actual owner of the website?

If you want to be the owner of your website, then build it from the ground up or outsource the task to a company that’ll custom build one from scratch.

3. You Get to Enjoy Flexibility

When you opt for online services, you’ll need to stick to their platforms. If you decide to change host or expand, you more than likely won’t be able to. 

That said, if you build your website, you can design it the way you want it to be precisely. You can also manage your site’s content with CMS (content management system) such as WordPress, which gives you plenty of features that these easy website-builders cannot offer.

Plus, if you plan to switch host, you can do it whenever you feel like it. That means that as you grow, you can change to a host that can cater better to your needs, providing you speed, security, features, and many other things needed to run your website.

In conclusion, while online website builders have their place in the market, it might not be the best solution if you’re planning to grow your business substantially. That said, we hope that the facts we’ve shared with convinced you to build your website. As a tip, we highly recommend that you spend time selecting your website’s host carefully as well. They’re the ones that’ll keep your website safe, secure, and online. Because of this, working with the right host will ensure that your website not only is maintained well but also any changes you might want in the future can happen without much problem.

Looking for a hosting solution for your website or perhaps you want to learn more about hosting? Whatever the case may be, we’re here to help you. Get in touch with us to see how we can help.