Our Guide to 3 Main Web Hosting Plans – What to Choose

Web hosting is an essential component of developing and launching a website. Web hosting allows companies or individuals to put up their websites so that customers can access them over the internet. These sites are hosted or stored on special computers called servers. When users want to visit your website, they just need to type your website domain into their browsers. Their computers will then be connected to your server, and your sites will be accessible to them. 

In this aspect, a web hosting company provides the technology, resources, and services needed to make web hosting possible. There are a wide range of web hosting plans available in the market with different features and levels of resources. In the following section, we’ll cover the three basic plans for web hosting. These will help you choose the web hosting plan that is best for your business.

1. Business hosting

Business hosting is deemed to be second to none, as far as shared hosting is concerned. It is said to have the most powerful hosting solution available. It represents the highest quality web hosting service without moving to a Dedicated server. Generally, business hosting has high-speed servers with only a few users. This plan has no restrictions or limitations when it comes to features, such as Hosted Domains, Parked Domains, Subdomains, FTP users, Databases, or Mail accounts.

2. VPS hosting

Known as the Virtual Private Server, VPS pertains to the division of a physical server into multiple servers. Each server acts as a dedicated server with its separate operating system and rebooting capability. This operating system receives an equal share of the resources from the physical server. Know, however, that each operating system per server is isolated from the other. It means that when one VPS encounters a problem, the rest of the servers aren’t impacted at all. Other significant advantages of VPS hosting include its affordability and flexibility. 

3. Dedicated server

The dedicated server is said to be the most potent option, which is ideal for the most demanding websites. It means that if your business website needs a robust internet connection and ample memory or storage, then the dedicated server is your best bet. What’s great about the dedicated server is its ability to upgrade certain features. If your site requirements and user access need to be leveled up, then this server allows you to do the needful, without compromising your business. With a fully dedicated server, you aren’t limited, as you can check the specifications of the server and make the necessary upgrade. 


As mentioned, there are a handful of web hosting plans available at your disposal. However, we’ll have to go back to the main types—business hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated servers. That said, consider all the features discussed above and see what works best for your business. From there, heed our advice, choose a particular web hosting plan, and go with a highly reputable company. 

With the need to have access to the internet, the right web hosting plan will make a difference in the overall efficiency and success of your business.

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