3 Reasons You Need to Start Using Custom Emails for Business

There are many ways you, as a business owner, can communicate with your clients and business partners, but one of the most common methods is by email. Some might argue that email is an outdated method and should be left in the past, but we say it has never been more critical!

Everyone has an email account, and reaching people has never been easier. That being said, there are two types of email: custom and free. In a highly professional environment, custom email is the way to go and highly regarded as the best way to reach recipients professionally. That is because free emails can hurt your business in more ways than one, ultimately causing you to lose money.

If you have not thought about using custom emails as a form of communication in your business yet, here are the reasons you need to start:

1. It maintains professionalism

Even if your business is small, custom emails have a way of creating an aura of professionalism in your business. By sending out customized emails to your clients and business partners, you portray yourself as a well-established business. This is important for many reasons; one of the most important ones being building trust. It is this trust that may attract people to work with you. 

On the other hand, free emails make your business lose its credibility. This breaks down trust and may cause others to dismiss your emails. As a result, no one will believe that your business will uphold its promises nor offer quality products or services.

2. It is safe and secure

With a custom email, you can enjoy the best security measures, such as encryption. This is vital to ensure that any sensitive data you share on the platform is safe.

Free emails come with little to no protection at all. This means that if an attacker gets their hands on your emails, you better hope those do not contain any sensitive data. Even so, news can go around about how your emails were compromised, destroying your reputation and possibly your business with it.

3. It is more likely to be opened

Many people out there will be reluctant to open any emails from unknown senders, which is true for any free email service, like Gmail. They often see these messages as spam and mark them as such, meaning that any future emails you send to them go straight to the spam folder.

A custom email is more likely to be opened because it includes your domain name. With a well-established reputation, this becomes even more effective. As people trust you, they have no problems reading what you send them.


Simply put, custom emails can help your business in many ways. It can help you appear more professional and send emails more securely, and it increases the rates at which your messages are opened. This can do many other things, such as increasing your click-through rates, sales, and so much more.

You can use custom emails for marketing purposes by sending out marketing content that delivers excellent results. With that said, if you are not working with a service provider of custom emails yet, we recommend that you do so right away.

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