3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Ignore Choosing a Reliable Web Host

When approaching a web hosting provider, think of it like you’re choosing a spot to set up your storefront. While you might rush through the process of selecting a place to build the store to get it up and running, it might be the biggest mistake you may make in running your business. 

You may end up in a place where little to no customers arrive. Even if they do, they might not like how disorderly your store is from the inside because you just sped through the entire process, pushing them to leave and look for another store that offers a far better experience. 

The same goes for your business website. Merely choosing a host without much research can land you with one that does not provide speed or the reliability you need. To cement that point further, here are the examples of what will happen if you do not put much care into selecting the right web host.

1. You will drop in rank

As you know, an SEO (search engine optimization) strategy is what you will implement to improve your website’s rank in a search engine results page (SERP). While there are many methods and techniques you can include in your strategy, one of the most important ones would be your web host. More specifically, it is how good your web host is that it will significantly affect your placing in the SERP.

When you work with a web host that can provide almost perfect uptime, incredible speeds, and reliable security, your site will be ranked higher. On the other hand, if you were to work with a web host that cannot provide these, it will hurt your site’s ranks quite significantly—thus losing the efficiency of your website in gaining traffic.

2. You do not make much money

What happens if you experience ten minutes of downtime each month? In a year, that will amount to two hours. While that seems like a menial amount, two hours is a lot of time wasted on not making money. When you work with an unreliable web host, your website will experience lengthy downtime that will hurt its effectiveness.

Do note that how much this will affect you will depend on your business, industry, and what time the downtime occurred, among other things. For example, some companies in the medical industry can make more than $5000 a minute. Now, two hours mean that they just lost over half a million dollars! Nevertheless, any time your site is not running time wasted where you’re losing money.

3. Your customers will leave

What happens when your customers run into a site that takes forever to load and is barely responsive? They will simply leave the site to look for a competitor of yours that offers a much better web experience.

Remember, user experience is everything when it comes to the website. If they are met with a bad experience, they will leave, thus causing you to lose out on potential customers. Aside from that, they may also spread poor reviews about your business, stopping anyone else from coming to you! 

On the other hand, if you offered an excellent experience, people will be more than happy to visit your site to get what they need. Plus, they might spend extra time seeing what else you have to offer without much prodding—which is great for your branding too!


No business out there would want to deal with the issues of a poor web hosting service. For that reason, when selecting a web host to run your website, take the time to choose and invest in a good one. Pay attention to every aspect of your website, including selecting the best web host to satisfy your needs!

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