Why You Should Start Running Regular Website Backups

When it comes to the idea of website ownership and management, no topic has possibly been brought up more often in conversations than the idea of keeping a website safe.

Regardless of whether you run an arts-and-crafts page or a Fortune 500 company website, keeping an online portal as safe as possible is vital because of how common hacking is today. In the blink of an eye, cybercriminals can jump into any unsecured website, quickly wreak havoc, and steal valuable information, damaging a brand’s reputation in the process.

With the advent of modern safety solutions, refined practices, and evolving common knowledge, businesses now have a wide range of ways to protect their online pages all year round. From regular password changes and two-factor authentications to full-scale firewalls and regular evaluations, the number of ways you can protect your website is endless. 

Among all the different ways that you can protect your website, there’s one solution that’s guaranteed to work exceptionally well in plugging all potential holes: 

Website backups.

What is a website backup, and why should you do it regularly?

A website backup is exactly what you expect it to be: it’s a process that creates and stores copies of a site’s content and information on a regular basis.

Like a standard phone backup or hard drive cloud backup, this process can go a long way in making sure that you have a stable and clear copy of your website’s latest iteration. It may not seem much at first, but this very habit has allowed millions of businesses around the world to stay on top of any problems that arise throughout the management process.

Beyond mere necessity and routines, there are a few more vital reasons you should jump on a regular website backup routine as soon as possible: 

Reason #1: It helps with safekeeping your data and preventing loss-related damages

In the case of any website, no aspect could be more crucial than all the content on it, which is especially true in the case of older websites built upon years of work.

It is for this exact reason that backups are valuable because they help keep records of priceless content that are valuable to both sides of the business fence. May it be an employee who carelessly deleted a viral and attention-grabbing post by accident or a sadistic hacker who wanted to wipe everything out for fun, a backup helps bring things back to normalcy!

Reason #2: It’s an effective safeguard against human error

Speaking of careless employees, another valuable reason you should start backing your website up on a regular basis is that it works as an extremely effective countermeasure against human error.

Although such fumbles may seem harmless at first, having an employee accidentally remove a piece of content or tweak a specific function can result in costly damages and functionality issues. By taking the time to regularly backup your website and keep a copy of its last fully functional iteration, you’ll be able to reverse any mistakes and restore function right away.

Reason #3: It’s a quick and easy way to cut out malware infections

Throughout the experience of website ownership, a reality that goes unsaid is that any page ends up picking at least one type of malware at one point or another—may it be accidental or intentional.

Over time, these “viruses” can start taking a toll on your website’s functionality and compromise various features in the process long before you can find and take them out. Fortunately, such potential problems can be immediately resolved by restoring the last error-free version of the website that will essentially wipe the malware out!


Among all the different tools and practices that you can include in your website safety arsenal, nothing could possibly be more effective for keeping it secure than a regular backup process. Through this process, it will be far easier to maintain the security of your online page all year round while having a quick-fix solution that will undo any potentially catastrophic problems in an instant!

Taking care of your website’s needs and keeping it as safe as possible is no easy task, which is why it pays to invest in a professional website security service in NYC. Give us a call today to learn more about how we can best suit your needs and keep your website running as safely as possible.