Debunking the 3 Common Web Hosting Myths

Web hosting is essential for your business because it makes your website accessible online. With the right hosting plan from a reputable website hosting service, you can reach out to a wider audience, establish a solid online presence, and boost your online business revenue.

Picking the right hosting provider that is perfect for your needs and goals can be overwhelming, especially when you are having trouble navigating technology and completely unfamiliar with web hosting. One of the best ways to determine the most appropriate hosting plan for you is to know and understand the myths that surround web hosting. These include the following:

You can save money by getting free web hosting

Managing a startup typically means running your business with limited budget and resources. You may be tempted to get a free web hosting plan thinking that you don’t really have to pay for it and you can cut down your expenses. However, many hosting providers that offer this kind of deal mislead their customers and let them end up having too much loss for their websites. What they don’t tell you is that they add an advertisement on your website that charges money and makes your website laggy. As a result, you will turn away potential customers when they get annoyed by these ads and your unresponsive site.

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Your website’s speed does not depend on your server

Your server’s speed is directly related to your website’s responsiveness. Your simple yet sophisticated web design and well-written content will be put to waste if you have a slow website. To provide an exceptional user experience and ensure that your site loads quickly, avoid using high dimensions of images and pay attention to technical details that can cause slow speed. Also, look for a web hosting provider that offers the best server responses.

Cheap hosts lack quality

Not all web hosting providers are the same. Generally, clients perceive that expensive hostings are high-quality, and cheap hosting plans are not as good as costly ones. This is a common misconception since many hosting providers overcharge their hosting plans.

Get more bang for your buck by assessing your needs and budget, doing your research, and looking for recommendations for the best web hosting providers. If you need a larger plan, then search for one that allows for more storage and traffic. List down potential companies and compare and contrast their services, features, and rates. This way, you can determine the hosting plan that suits your requirements without having to hurt your wallet.


As an entrepreneur or business owner, one of the most effective ways to build your brand is to set up a successful website. To achieve this, you have to learn how to separate web hosting facts from myths and make sure to partner with the right web hosting provider that understands your needs, requirements, and goals.

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