Why You Should Avoid Using Free Website Hosting Providers

While opting for a free web hosting service might be an attractive idea, especially for startups and small businesses trying to cut down on costs, we do not recommend it. It might “get the job done,” but there will be a few compromises that you will have to accept.

These compromises will hurt not only the performance of your website but also your reputation—both of which can drive visitors away from ever working with you again.

With that said, let us delve a little deeper into why you have to be cautious when looking at free web hosting services.

Is it actually free?

Like any other business out there, free web hosting companies will need to have ways to make a profit. Since their services cost the user nothing, they will have to find other means to earn revenue. For instance, if you were to opt for free hosting solutions, you might get bombarded with ads and offers for upgrades that you don’t care for.

Another way many of these free web hosts make money is to limit their service and require you to pay later on. These restrictions can be in the form of a time limit (e.g. free trials) or limited functionality. Once your trial expires or you start needing more features from the web host, then you will be forced into paying to unlock its full use.

In short, the service might be free to start, but sooner or later, you are going to find yourself paying for more benefits.

Are there problems with free hosting?

There are a few issues with free hosting:

The first and most apparent problem with free hosting is that you are extremely limited in terms of features and resources. That is because you will likely be sharing the server with other people. For the service provider to ensure that as many people opt for their services as possible, they will divide their network bandwidth and data allowances to maximize their resources.

The second problem with free hosting is that you will be forced to display ads on your website. These ads are another way for the host to make money, and none of that revenue is shared with you. To make matters worse, they make your content cluttered and can potentially turn off your customers.

The third problem is that many of these free web hosting providers are smaller businesses. This can mean that they are not as well-prepared in terms of security and customer service, putting your website and business at risk.


When deciding between a free hosting service and a paid option, we will always recommend going with the latter! That is because you will get much better features out of it, not to mention that the service providers will offer you plenty of support to address any issue you may run into.

Plus, with other benefits, such as greater control over your ad displays, having more resources to work with, and the option to have the service provider fully maintain your site, you can never go wrong by opting for a paid web hosting service!

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