4 Signs You Need to Have a Website for Your Business

A website is not a cheap investment. For an entrepreneur that generates sales even without the help of a website, it is easy to justify all the reasons in your head. You know that having a website has its advantages, but does your business need it? When you start a site, you do not only need a fund. You also need to invest in its design, content, maintenance, and more.  

All these can cause you more confusion. If you are thinking about whether having a website is a must for you, here are four signs that now is time for you to have one.

Sign 1: You have a business

Your business is your number one reason. You might be doing well when you started, but you should know that you are losing many potential customers and business growth without a website. The internet has played a significant role in advancing people’s businesses. With a digital presence, internet users can see your business 24/7. Add an e-commerce feature to your site, and you can make sales even when you sleep. 

Sign 2: Someone asked for your web address

People look up websites for various reasons. They want to check your products without the need to visit your store physically or learn more about your business without the need to call your number. 

People go online when they want to check information about your store, such as your location, your store hours, and contact information. Moreover, they want to see if your business is legitimate and trustworthy. If at least one person asks for your website, it’s time for you to reconsider your decision. 

Sign 3: You often search online about how to grow your business 

If your goal is to grow your business, you might have read a lot of articles online that stresses the importance of having an online presence. Social media marketing, content marketing, and SEO are all web marketing tactics that can help you achieve your business targets. If you have a website, you can combine it with these other marketing tools to help you reach new and old customers, as well as generate repeat business.

Sign 4: You want to prove your business exists

You might have heard this expression before—if it’s not online, then it’s not real. For people to confirm the information they learn, they need to see a link. Unfortunately, in today’s modern time, if your business has no online presence, they’d think you’re faking it or worse, you’re a scammer. Your grandkids might even joke on you and say that your business is just a product of your imagination. You might also encounter past customers thinking that you’ve gone out of business because they cannot find you on the internet. 

If you’re tired of hearing these all the time, then consider having a website. The more you resist, the higher the chance that more past customers won’t recognize your business. The longer you wait for the right time, the less you’ll acquire new customers. 


Having a website does not only help you establish credibility, but it also gives a positive impression to your company. You appear more reliable, professional, and successful. A website helps improve your visibility not only in the online world but also in your community and industry.

When you finally decide to have a website for your business, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are a website builder in NYC that can help you from designing your site to registering a domain, hosting it, creating blogs, and more. Contact us at (480) 624-2500.