5 Security Threats You & Your Employees Need to Be Aware Of

What is the one thing that most, if not all, SMEs (small to mid-sized enterprises) share? That would be digital threats. From viruses to malware to hackers and more, the threat to security always looms in the digital world. 

Of course, while these problems are ones that everyone puts themselves at risk of when they start using digital devices, SMEs are some of the most common targets. That said, while some of these risks are put into place by criminals, others can find yourself in because of your ignorance!

In other words, not being aware of these threats is a huge security hole, as you or your employees can unknowingly cause a breach just because they thought something was safe. For that reason and more, you must know the top security issues that SMEs face to prepare for it adequately.

1. Juice-Jacking

Are you aware of what juice-jacking is? If not, it is the act of installing malware on a device when it is connected to a port. 

Generally, this port looks like a charging station. It might as well be an actual charging station. However, the port itself is corrupted to install malware or copy files when an individual decides to plug their devices to charge it.

2. Easy passwords

While simple passwords are convenient for you, it is also convenient for anyone trying to hack you. For this reason, your passwords must be as hard as possible to guess. This can mean that the password utilizes capital letters, special characters, and more, all to be “guess” resistant.

3. Phishing

Phishing has been around for quite some time, and it is done using emails to scam people into clicking dangerous links. These attacks are successful because the emails are usually disguised as legitimate emails. For this reason, you and your employees must be fully aware of this kind of attack. They will need to know how to scan through an email to identify whether it is legitimate.

4. Public Internet

While free Wi-Fi is a godsend for many people, it is also a hotspot for criminal activities. For instance, if you connect your laptop to a public connection, attackers might be at the ready to intercept your connection and start stealing data.

5. Unprotected devices

Whatever the device is, whether it be laptops or mobile phones, leaving it unprotected is just begging for an attacker to get their hands on it. To ensure none of your sensitive data gets stolen, you need to educate your employees to understand the importance of keeping all their devices secure, whether personal or business.


As you might be able to tell, the best way to address any of these security threats is to be aware of its existence and be wary of one’s action. So, if you are working with a workforce that does not know much in this aspect, you must educate them right away. 

Waiting longer will only leave your business exposed to dangers, whether that be one of your employees sticking a random USB drive into one of your computers or bringing their work laptop out and unprotected in a public area.

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