Shared Hosting and Managed Hosting: Which One is More Secure?

For a business to survive in today’s age, they must have some semblance of an online presence. While there are many factors that go into its development, one of the most crucial ones to consider would be the web hosting service that will be handling it. 

The most basic duty of your web hosting provider is to ensure that your website is online and accessible to the general public. While ensuring the reliability of the server is a must, another important factor your provider should be taking care of is your website’s security. Website security isn’t just the protection of your website’s information, but also the safety of the users on your website. 

Web hosting services are in charge of protecting your website to a certain degree, but knowing a bit about the specifics can help you choose which is the best for your business. There are two types of web hosting services: shared hosting and managed hosting. Each has its own nuances and security contingencies involved.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting services, as the name implies, relies on the utilization of a shared server. This means that the resources provided to you are also shared and used by multiple other websites. Perfect for smaller businesses that are just starting out on the online world, this is extremely cost-effective, allowing you to get your website online quickly.

As enticing as that sounds, the biggest problem of this would definitely lie in the divided server. Although it’s highly functional from the onset, as your website—or any other website on the server, for that matter—grows bigger, then it becomes more prone to slowing down. 

Beyond this, however, this also means that one website’s security issues become your own security issues as well. If file and directory permissions are weak, then your website can be exploited through the flaws of your neighboring websites. This means that no matter how much you protect your own website, it can still suffer due to the failings of other websites on your server.

Managed Hosting

Managed hosting services, on the other hand, are more private and individualized, thus granting you the whole bandwidth (or at least a majority) of a particular server. Although definitely more expensive, having this plan means better server strength and overall stability—giving your website a more premium foundation within the online world.

In terms of security, managed hosting services are definitely top-notch, especially when compared to shared hosting. Their support and service are entirely dedicated to your website—allowing for quicker response and more proactive security and threat detection.

Many managed hosting providers also utilize more efficient tools to secure your website, such as firewalls, malware scanning, and added encryption. This will prevent those with malicious intent from attacking your website while ensuring your customers that it’s safe to conduct business with you.

The Bottom Line

Your web hosting service is crucial to your website’s security, which is why choosing the appropriate service for your needs is necessary. While shared hosting services are definitely much cheaper, managed hosting services are more equipped in dealing with security threats and are more proactive in avoiding the risks of your website getting targetted by evildoers. 

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