Top 7 Web Design Mistakes to Avoid – What to Know

Before you create or launch your business site, you have to make sure you’re not committing any design mistakes. Your design can make or break your business, so you have to be mindful of how your web will turn out. 

The internet must have told you hundreds of dos and don’ts when it comes to web design, and they can get overwhelming. In this article, we’ll highlight the top seven and most important design mistakes you should avoid. 

1. Forgetting to leave your contact information

Whether you have a physical store or not, contact information is important to be visible on your page. In case web visitors need to inquire, visit, or contact you about anything, reaching out would be easier. You wouldn’t want to leave them clueless.

Sometimes a contact page isn’t enough. Make sure your contact information is complete, and if possible, can be seen on every web page. It should include your email address, complete address, mailing address, and contact number. 

2. Presence of broken links

No one likes to see the “Error 404” page when browsing a site. As a web designer or web owner, you should be one step ahead in checking if all the links you have on your site are functioning properly. Regularly test your site to see if everything is working well. 

3. Failing to add links to your social media

Failing to add your social media to your website is a missed opportunity for additional audience and followers. Your social media are important marketing tools to showcase and increase your brand presence. 

Most internet users are social media users, and you need to capture them too when they are on their selected platform. Sometimes, when they want to get to know a business or brand, they visit their social pages. Yours should be an easy click away from your website. 

4. Not working “back” button

Nothing is more annoying than a dead-end page. Make your site more visitor-friendly by giving them options on how they want to navigate your site. 

Some designers intentionally remove the function of the back button to force their visitors to keep going. We do not recommend this. Instead of diverting your visitors toward the certain page that you want them to click, you might end up losing them.

5. Not updating your content

If you already have existing time-specific content, and you don’t want to delete them, you need to update them. Make sure your site is sharing accurate information, and all content is fresh and updated. Doing so will increase your page’s credibility as a source of information. 

6. Using various font styles and font colors

Websites today limit their font choices to at least three throughout the website. Consistency is one way to make your website visually appealing. Content is important, but so is the overall look of your site. No one will read your content if they are laid out using distracting fonts in different sizes and styles.

7. Slow loading time

Having a slow-loading page is one reason people exit web pages. Not all are patient enough to wait long for one page to load, especially when your site is an e-commerce website. You can improve it by using fast-loading web themes, resizing the images you use, reducing the server’s response time, or finding a good website hosting plan. 


Keeping an eye on these top seven mistakes and avoiding them will ensure your website’s functionality and appeal. Make sure to bookmark this page and double-check on each item first before launching or relaunching your brand new site.

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